Baidu updated AI strategy with AR cut UAV project

Baidu updated AI strategy with AR cut UAV project

Baidu updated AI strategy: with AR, cut UAV project

According to media reports, the recent deep learning of Baidu Baidu in Artificial Intelligence Lab Director Lin Yuanqing also outlined the main research directions: deep learning platform, basic image recognition technology, fine-grained image recognition, video analysis, image recognition, AR technology and hospitals.

Basic image recognition technology in Baidu’s OCR (optical character recognition) technology greatly improved, including mobile phone identification accuracy rate of more than 99%. In addition, Baidu would next month, thin-grained image recognition feature applied in glutinous rice: when user dish picture, near Baidu algorithm to recommend to users within 5 km and the restaurant.

Although Baidu wide deep learning laboratory in artificial intelligence direction, but there are some vulnerable project, which cut off the outside world look on the drone program. Lin Yuanqing believes that market potential for unmanned, but Baidu’s perplexity is how they compete with large boundary.

UAV positioning and it is closely related to the use of cut scenes, middle of last year, Baidu Union billion airlines launched drone takeout service users in support of unmanned delivery takeout store orders, delivery staff in the App, enter the destination of the flight, unmanned aerial vehicles will send out into the hands of users. Drone takeout from the test up to now has been a year of service time, outsiders said, judging from the present conditions, the services belong to false needs, and costs are too high and too many factors beyond their control, and so on. Baidu also imagine using unmanned aircraft mapping remote areas map, but after analysis found that the market value is not significant.

Baidu updated AI strategy: with AR, cut UAV project

AR technology is Baidu’s plays. When it comes to AR, Lin Yuanqing replied, “it’s definitely can make money.” Currently this market and there were no large industry leader in Xinjiang, leaving the Baidu space is very big. Earlier this month, Baidu DuSee,DuSee released a mobile AR platform computer vision and depth of what is learning to understand real-time image, the platform can be via a Smartphone hardware to “understand” real-world 3D environment, which causes the phone to generate images with real-world interactions. It is reported that DuSee can be used in interactive advertising, marketing, education, manufacturing, areas such as interior design, future they AR and speech recognition, and natural language processing technology combining. Vera Bradley iPhone 5S case

Vera Bradley iPhone 5S case

Baidu updated AI strategy: with AR, cut UAV project

Actions ranging from Baidu, whose force adhere to three principles in the field of artificial intelligence: AI technology used in existing products; cut off the market value of the project; avoid the competitive landscape has been set. Vera Bradley tech case

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Waterproof Monster Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Waterproof Monster Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Internationally renowned GPS Sport Watches Garmin has released a water resistant sports watch Quatix 3, the watch is water resistant to achieve exaggerated 10ATM, 100 meters deep underwater can be used normally.

Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Quatix 3 the sapphire glass, equipped with a 1.2-inch color screen, resolution 218×218, in strong light can also have a nice display and visibility.

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Table of the watch body material is made of high-strength glass fiber, 85g, able to withstand high impact, without worrying about damage to watch in a sport, body measurements for 51.5×51.5×16.0mm. This watch is the built-in GPS and Russia navigation system GLONASS positioning chip, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, barometer and electronic compass. Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

In addition to superior waterproof ability and accurate GPS positioning, but the watch battery is also outstanding, battery life up to 6 weeks in watch mode, even if the GPS mode for 20 hours. Currently the watch for $ 599.99, equivalent to approximately 3980 Yuan.

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released


Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released
Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~ Givenchy iPhone cover

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds

Lei feng’s network by: this article is reprinted from micro-official information release platform “app”. Original title: the micro or small video of those little secrets. Why micro-video maximum time is 6 seconds? Small video consumes how much traffic? Small video is so small, can you clear?

“Black is not black, what do you say white is white. ”

You must have experienced and saw a beautiful or interesting scenes and wanted to record and share, but found nothing. Even if it is to have dinner with friends, often have such a dialogue:

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

You in there? What did you see? To give an accurate description of a thing is not an easy thing.

Words video, in order to solve the problem of sharing in real time, the app version 6.0 was launched in “little video” features: users can directly from within the app to enable camera, shooting up to 6 seconds of video dialog box to send video to friends, or post in my circle of friends.

App version 6.0 will be small as core video highlights one of the proclaimed coming of the video age. Until now, a lot of users have become accustomed to with a small video sharing life’s fresh and moving. No more silly typing, no longer considered expression, short videos to help you achieve “what you see is what you get”.

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

But, you know, Juicy Couture iPhone case

| Why is the longest video only 6 seconds?

In many cases, users often in outdoor use app, unstable network, traffic was restricted, not very suitable for users to post or view a larger volume of video files. Video length limits (no more than 6 seconds), and optimization, which became smaller in size, only better in mobile publishing and viewing.

Small video processing for 6 seconds, mainly in order to reduce receiver volume pressure and psychological pressure during playback. In fact, before the official release in small video, micro-letter “attacking lion” for as long as six months of testing, 6 seconds is the most appropriate length.

To do the test, the developer also wrote the “kitchen” debugging tool, as a global variable configuration of the switch module instead of a numerical, configuration take effect immediately to facilitate debugging. It is like a PS tools help developers find the optimal path. Length 6 seconds it is in the support of finding the most suitable length. Juicy iPhone 6 case

| Are small video, then how small the small video of traffic consumption?

There is a very simple conversion: small video chat, the size of each video is approximately equal to 2 friends picture size, each circle of friends small video is approximately equal to 3 friends the picture size.

And longer videos than 6 seconds the small amount of video data in the iOS system for 400KB, the Android system is 200-300KB, which means, three small video traffic is about 1MB.

Furthermore, small video loading logic is seen no longer loads, didn’t read the do not load, is loaded, take the initiative to help the user save traffic.

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

Text is too stuffy, picture is too quiet, small video just fine.

So, whether it is a small video or watch short videos do not have pressure. By today’s standard for traffic costs, such as China Mobile’s 500MB plan 30, only three small video 1MB, or about 0.06 Yuan.

Not sure, just shoot a little video. If a small video that is not clear, it would take two. If the two small videos also don’t know, those three small video can.

| Problems coming, small video so small, can still see it? 

This is speaking of bit rate and resolution of these two Visual “clarity” is closely related to the parameters.

Rate determines the quality of the video, the original higher bit-rate video more clear, and the resolution determine the video image magnification. Bit rate to the following principles:

Is proportional to a, bit rate and video quality, but the file is proportional to the volume and rate.

B, the rate exceeds a certain value, without much impact on image quality.

Compare with long videos, video coding algorithm for video there is no major difference. But because in less than 6 seconds, the volume is greatly reduced, and mainly play on the mobile side, micro video finds a balance between quality and size, allowing users to use without any pressure.

In fact, small easy to use video, interactive experience, not just traffic consumes small, open without pressure. In order to receive better interactive experience, during the filming of recording and playback, the “video” there are lots of little secrets you don’t know, such as:

Preboot-the press on the record. Small video press the start recording, do not wait for the audio device and document preparation. So that you can guarantee in the transient moment to capture the content you want to capture. Imagine the clock for each photo, you know how important this small feature.

Shake monitor–you shake the reminders. In order to ensure the effects of shooting, according to the change of acceleration gyroscope, the system will automatically detect the phone shaking and remind.

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

Environmental monitoring-dark-too dark to choose brighter: too dark when shooting environment, small video prompts you can use “light mode” to optimize the shooting environment. So intelligence is how to achieve this? In fact, the RGB color value of each pixel in the video are not the same, for fast processing and response by scaling it, getting an average, when the RGB average value below a certain value, such as less than 17 o’clock, pop-up prompts to quickly distinguish between light from the environment.

Juicy iPhone 6 case

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

Mute–click to enlarge sound plays. Only click to enlarge small video with sound when playing and looping effects close to GIF. When and when not full screen, record a small video to keep quiet playing.

In iOS release optimization process, more technologies team to design micro-programmes, chose to bypass the iOS system players at the same time there is a maximum of 16 limited homegrown video player, to meet the needs can play multiple videos simultaneously. And in order to prevent playback interface stuck when shooting situations, join the Cache layer in the video recording, cached video frames, follow-up to waken the CPU is idle thread writes in the background video.

These painstakingly “action” without attention and let you know what focus, zoom, exposure compensation, white balance … … Wait, you just need to pick up the phone.

In the “video” before the app that you can send videos, short video or some other platform. However, you need to temporarily stop something else, according to the recording, press stop, then confirm sending. Complicated steps, video is also great. People who receive video, viewed only as Wi-Fi.

Micro letter 6.0 brought in Harry Potter “newspaper magic” video, both programmes are, or in the food, or many other emotional moment in your life, you can use a small video, share it vividly.

It embedded directly into the chat scenes, pass without making up, landscaping, bad information, “press and hold” the minimalist way to get you involved, to better facilitate interaction. It’s like eyes, bring you a taste of the changing of the seasons.

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

Hey, a familiar feeling.

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Central Bank issued barcode payment specification draft for the first time recognize

Central Bank issued barcode payment specification draft for the first time recognize

Central Bank issued barcode payment specification draft for the first time recognize the QR payment status

In 2014, the Central Bank had halted QR payment. However, the regulation is changed to the development of science and technology-March 13, 2014, the Central Bank issued emergency documents stop QR face-to-face payment services such as pay, on the grounds that under the line QR payment there is a certain risk of payment. Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

In fact, in a two-dimensional code: pay was stopped by the end of the year, after technical improvement, have been banks and third-party payment institutions start layout QR payment.

It is reported that the Association of payment and clearing to the paying agent the other day issued the bar code for payment services (draft for soliciting opinions), the draft makes it clear that payment institutions to conduct bar business should follow safety standards. This is in 2014, the Bank stopped QR code after payment for the first time officially recognize the QR payment status.

Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

Asking for opinions first general article says:

Barcode payment services referred to in this specification refers to the Member of bar-code technology, to provide customers, mobile phones and other mobile terminal payment of monetary funds transferred between people.

Scan code and receipt scan barcode payment services including payment code. Scan code means of payment payment by mobile terminal reads the recipients to show bar-complete pay action. Collection sweeps by reading the code refers to the payee payor barcode for mobile terminal display to complete the Act.

In addition, the draft provides that “Member barcode payment services shall obtain the corresponding business qualification and regulatory-related business management practices operating specifications, strengthen risk precaution to ensure payment security”, as well as other marketing obligations.

MOM and whether authorities had put a stop is in order to protect the interests or safety (most are both), insiders said, as the technology under development is an irreversible trend, as long as the technology improved, sooner or later the laws and regulations according to market changes.

Earlier, the Central Bank has indicated to the payment associations, the Union sent a letter to confirm QR payment status. Bank requesting payment clearing Association on the basis of previous work, as required, in conjunction with the Agency for bank card settlements, major commercial banks and payment institutions introduced barcode payment industry technical standards and business practices, and the protection of personal information, security, encryption measures, store sensitive information, such as put forward clear requirements. Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

Communications, line barcode payment has the advantages of low barriers to entry, convenient, applies to the traditional POS cash register daily small purchases of cost-sensitive small traders, located in the traditional offline bank card payment supplement. It is reported that the

On July 15, the Bank officially launched the QR payment products in Beijing, became the first commercial bank to have QR payment products. This means was stopped more than two years the QR payment floodgates.

In early July, some media reported the Central Bank has issued a document to confirm QR payment market, located in the traditional offline bank card payment business supplement and China Association of payment and clearing also convened conferences to promote QR code technology standards and safety standards.

The bar code for payment (draft for soliciting opinions) full text

Amazon for five consecutive quarters of profitable cloud computing business eye

Amazon for five consecutive quarters of profitable cloud computing business eye

Amazon for five consecutive quarters of profitable cloud computing business eye

United States Eastern time on July 28, Amazon reported its second-quarter earnings, reported Amazon’s net profit of us $ 857 million, sharply better-than-expected $ 540 million, the fifth consecutive quarter of profit, and refresh the record profits for the third quarter in a row. Previously because the company had been used to sacrifice profits to pursue growth strategies, income to put into product and infrastructure development, but the situation has changed, and Amazon are dual-income profits and growth.

The company’s adjusted earnings per share of $ 1.78, before the more than Wall Street expectations of $ 1.11, $ 0.19 in the same period last year; operating income of $ 30.4 billion, an increase of 31%, better-than-expected us $ 29.55 billion; operating income of $ 1.3 billion, is expected to be $ 903 million, $ 464 million for the same period last year.

Cloud computing shines in business performance. –AWS Amazon Web services Amazon leading cloud service, able to provide computing power, databases, storage, content delivery, and other features, to help companies achieve business expansion and growth. The fiscal second-quarter revenue of $ 2.89 billion, up 58% from $ 1.82 billion a year ago, is gradually CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) set up cloud computing sales goal of $ 10 billion. TESLA iPhone 6 Leather Case

Amazon on its delivery service has been increased investment, the shipping costs increase in recent quarters. Last quarter of increases in shipping costs 37%, 42% per cent in the first quarter of this year, is 44% in the second quarter. For some city of some of its products, Amazon offers 1 hour express delivery service, in addition to Amazon in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and Canada and other countries test their unmanned aerial vehicle delivery service, small unmanned aerial vehicles be 5 pounds of wrapped up in 30 minutes or less of time served to customers.

In the middle of this month, Amazon has discounted part of Prime Shopping Day, global order, rather than 2015 years 60%, one-day sales of $ 525 million.

TESLA iPhone 6 Leather Case

For the third quarter, Amazon expects net sales of between 310~335 billion dollars. Wall Street analysts ‘ expectations of $ 31.63 billion.

After earnings releases on Thursday, shares of Amazon, or 2.3%, to $ 769, shares hit a record high. TESLA iPhone 6 Leather Case

Amazon for five consecutive quarters of profitable cloud computing business eye

Via TC& NetEase technology and Wall Street stories

Good to the last drop step China both deny merger rumors community suspected

Good to the last drop step China both deny merger rumors community suspected

Good to the last drop-step China both deny merger rumor


Good to the last drop-step China both deny merger rumors; community suspected leak with millet millet laptop prices | Lei feng's morning news

Some foreign media reported yesterday morning, according to people familiar with the matter said, Uber investors on the company’s management, sent a clear message: it is time to stop burning cash, China vs. Many institutional investors are pushing Uber signed a cooperation agreement with China’s market leader drops to avoid further price war in China.

In this regard, drops, officials said, there is no Uber China into such plans to the last drop, nor market rumors do comment.

Step has said China has all along refused to comment on rumour and speculation, and referred to the overall cost per single in the second quarter of this year has declined over the same period last year to 80%. Car people + profit and loss balance has been in the half of the city, including city profits in more than one or two lines.

Community suspected leak with millet millet notebook prices


Rumors millet will be released on July 27, red Pro Mobile will also publish millet notebook, with a Win10 system, two versions of which are standard, millet millet notebook Notebook Pro, now suspected had leaked the millet millet communities notebook Conference PPT, price is 3999, 6699 Yuan, respectively.

Good to the last drop-step China both deny merger rumors; community suspected leak with millet millet laptop prices | Lei feng's morning news

Standard hardware configuration for Intel Core i5-6200U processor, Intel HD Graphics 520 integrated graphics, 8GB, 256GB, DDR4 memory solid state drives. Standard Edition is intended for entry level notebook market, battery life up to 8 hours is said to be enough to meet the daily needs of ordinary users.

Good to the last drop-step China both deny merger rumors; community suspected leak with millet millet laptop prices | Lei feng's morning news

Pro version of the hardware configuration is Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, NVIDIA GTX970M 4GB DDR5 video card, 16GB, DDR4 memory and 512GB solid state drives. Obviously, more emphasis on performance than the Standard Edition Pro version, you can even run CAD, MAX, video editing and other complex software applications and support multiple software running at the same time.

Such a price, it is also in line with millet likes to cut to the target market in a cost-effective way. In the product, at least in the same configuration, millet notebook price is very attractive. However, its authenticity to be verified, how millet notebook will not be officially announced until July 27, millet, product launches.

Apple applied for glasses-free 3D technology Disney phone case

Tencent technology

Good to the last drop-step China both deny merger rumors; community suspected leak with millet millet laptop prices | Lei feng's morning news

Apple news site AppleInsider found on Thursday morning submitted a patent application by Apple. The patent referred to in simulated 3D image technology theoretically lets iPhone screens and other equipment into an autostereoscopic displays, users able to see 3D images without special glasses.

This patent describes a kind of sub pixel array and lens structures of pixel array, lens structure of light from many different angles. One of the most critical components are “light guide”, it’s light oriented correctly can be observed.

Related equipment can take advantage of camera and accelerometer to determine what direction the light guide. Although the potential application of this patent may be mobile devices, but Apple will try to apply this technology to the MacBook.

Facebook drone flight success: push into remote areas of the Internet

Disney iPhone plus case

SINA science and technology

Good to the last drop-step China both deny merger rumors; community suspected leak with millet millet laptop prices | Lei feng's morning news

Facebook announced today that its network delivery drone Aquila had its maiden voyage on June 28 in a military airport, Arizona successfully. Although a Facebook engineer one-fifth Aquila have been testing for a few months, but this is the full size of Aquila the first successful test flight. Aquila flight was flying at a low altitude for 96 minutes, flying more than Facebook had expected three times. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has to appear in person to witness this moment.

Aquila is powered by the solar panels, in theory, can fly for up to 3 months at a time, up to 120 km per hour while wingspan approaching Boeing 737 aircraft, but only 453 kilograms in weight; on cruise mode, only 5000 Watt power consumption, power consumption is only the equivalent of three hair-dryer or a microwave oven. According to the design plan, the drones can fly at a height of 18000 meters through lasers and millimeter wave technology, for the traditional network equipment from reaching the remote areas push Internet, network coverage is 96 km radius.

Facebook in the future will continue to test and advance the performance of Aquila. Solar-powered unmanned endurance record at present is two weeks, Aquila to meet the Facebook for 3 month battery life is expected to be many subsequent research and development. In contrast, Google can float in the upper stratosphere balloon network for 6 months.

Google map to launch the new service allows users to fill in the blanks


Good to the last drop-step China both deny merger rumors; community suspected leak with millet millet laptop prices | Lei feng's morning news

Recently, Google adds new tools to its map service, allowing users to contribute and validate new map data. Users can add Google map data, or edit the existing entries, such as add, verify or edit a new high-end seafood restaurant location data.

This service is currently available to the desktop version of Android or iOS version of Google maps, users can add information or inspection of others to edit information. Message edited by others, Google maps will appear a notification stating that the “information it is suggested that the new” users can click on to view the notice and choose to approve or reject the proposal. Once enough votes that the information is correct, it will be published on the map. Google noted that this verification process is only available for Android version of Google maps users.

Microsoft: Surface Hub very strong demand exceeds expectations

Good to the last drop-step China both deny merger rumors; community suspected leak with millet millet laptop prices | Lei feng's morning news

Microsoft Surface Hub launched slightly later than originally planned, but for many customers, this is worth waiting for. Surface Hub using huge touch screen, designed to improve the workplace collaboration and videoconferencing. Surface Hub listing earlier this year, Microsoft has twice delayed its release and price $2,000, 55 inch version $8999 now, and 84-inch model priced at $21,999. But delays and prices apparently did not hinder its success, Surface Hub has been an instant hit.

Tesla’s new “top secret project” is not making cars

 Phoenix Technologies

According to foreign media reports, Tesla’s CEO ailong·masike local time on July 20 release “top secret project 2.0”, and one proposed “secret plans” after 10 years. In the new plan, Tesla, put forward a four-point plan: integration of clean energy production and storage, expanded product line covers most of the market, continued to develop and mature automatic driving technologies, sharing vehicles increase user revenue.

At present, the Tesla has a Model x and Model s, Model 3 and a small truck, models are mainly concentrated in the high-end sedan and the SUV, two relatively small segment of the market, future Tesla products will cover most of the consumer market, but Tesla does not intend to manufacture models costing less than Model 3. Tesla said, other than passenger cars, heavy trucks and buses are in the early stages, 2017 is expected to be made public.

Happy eight years CEO announced: it’s time to say goodbye Disney iPhone plus case


On July 21, following yesterday’s game as a smart issued a bulletin announced the acquisition of Beijing happy information technology limited (Chinese) 100% per cent stake, founder and CEO of Chinese Cheng Binghao in their own micro-blogging and micro-letters sent a letter of resignation, public, announced his exit happy and happy, and happy people “say goodbye”. Cheng Binghao said in the letter, as happy in 2015 phone business achieved good results, and lay the groundwork for further continued to improve, so you can rest assured that submitted his resignation to the Board of Directors.

Can you sweep the camera s broom Self timer broom

Can you sweep the camera s broom Self timer broom

Can you sweep the camera's broom! Self-timer broom

A few days ago, love surprising you push an article “in the classic film the gun into camera”, sturdy man one second are mentally retarded, also do not want it. Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone 5

Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone 5

But no, only better! This human Haus studios in Toronto launched the self-timer broom, is said to be for busy adults, essential household items, it can sweep the floor lets you say goodbye to boring life. Phone installed on a broom, broom can stand on its own, side sweep shot from afar. Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone 5 case


In addition, are described in the product description, it swept the God could do 15 minutes before the time of 32 minutes to complete the task ~~~ is bullshit! Why not lower labor efficiency! Imagine that you sweep the sweep to take pictures, whether you want to flirt to find angle a Kung Fu said, shoot and Mito, circle of friends, reply to comment … … Hey, so, although the delay, but it can work: social!

Write here, suddenly found human Haus sells not a broom, it’s a lifestyle! All my clothes!