Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses

Lei feng’s network: the author, Ai Tao, easy Apple CTO, graduated in computer engineering from the University of Toronto. For many years following the “father of the world wearable computers,” Professor Steve Mann, the basic research focus on the smart glasses. Recently, Apple’s core product VMG-PROV announces open source geeks, this video perspective of mediated reality glasses, why hasn’t officially launched open source? Why choose video perspective? Author to his personal experience to answer the question-“when we call VMG-PROV after the open source, we hope to expose all the problems there are products. “With the exception of talk about the pros and cons of the product itself, this is a serious article.

Following is the author bio, Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) do not adjust the intent of editing.

Today I write a small article about VMG-PROV (the so-called open source geek Edition) what exactly is a thing, friends of hope reading this thing is going to take it in hand to yourself “toys” have some knowledge. Of course, the local casual, I think VMG-RPOV stand home are pretty smart.

| A source of blood

Remember me to mentor Steve Mann’s lab, see a costume freak engineers (including one with no tops hair man) is a pile of “destroying the old” electronic devices, monitors, and surrounded by various electronic components, while they are using the interface quite Chueh-Li’s unknown alternative program to do some things. That Flash was excited at the same time, also felt a little embarrassed for their ignorance.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

“Hi Steve, what software are they using?” With curiosity I asked, feeling weak burst.

“Oh Arkin, I can’t answer that if it’s not the right question.” Professor no shoes, with a soldering iron in hand, head back to me said. Maybe he doesn’t know I’m petrochemical.

“You know, Arkin, we don’t use any software in this Lab.” Professor down the iron, looking over towards me.

“Software are programs that you need to pay. Paying for software that you can’t hack or share is ridiculous.” Professor suddenly serious again. But I also understand why these programs are so strange.

I nodded, muses: “So everything here is open-source? Like everything?”

Professor smiled and nodded, “said Yes,Everything.”

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

This time working in the lab, I was exposed to a wide variety of open source tools. Professor said was true, in the laboratory, our operating system is Ubuntu instead of Windows or MacOS; image editing or Photoshop instead of GIMP; even programs like Word and Excel, we used LibreOffice instead. Is more exaggerated, as researchers, we don’t have Matlab, but using a thing called Octave.

Steve used to be a work of art, in the collection now at the Austin Museum of art. In the figure below Installation called “License To Sit” is a License can only be used to pay for the Chair. Just like paid software, this Chair will quickly remind you to pay when due, otherwise, once expired, eject pin and forcibly stopped the Chair can provide you “sit” service. This work of art is fun, can make us think when rules are used in the digital world to some funny situations in the physical world.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

Looking at the Chair, remembers the first time he met Professor of that conversation, I suddenly realized a long consideration decided to actually have sources, depicting all had full blood of open source.

| Sent to the geek’s hands

Recently, we decided to make our own inadequate engineering VMG-PROV as an open source hardware and dropped it into the market in the past.

The move, in my opinion, there are contributing factors there are selfish reasons.

We really solved the problem of some smart glasses. The aims of open source, I hope fellow and aspiring geek by dismantling the VMG-PROV studies, could not repeat to solve these issues. The wheel here, do not need to reinvent it. In addition, we do the smart glasses are different from VR/AR, slightly ahead of the point. In order to make the ideal products as soon as possible, small teams of 20 people we need more capable of helping. When we call VMG-PROV after the open source, we hope to expose all the problems there are products. While geeks have jointly pointing to perfecting this product and we stand on the same starting line. Open source will be the future direction of development of science and technology, a geek of some accomplishments should not think about how it’s not perfect “little secrets” to make money, ought to be thinking about how to get people involved get things done as soon as possible.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

We hope to VMG-PROV is delivered to the right hands, this means that this product is not a consumer-level, or even the developer level, we call it a “geek”. We want to sell him to have open source blood, wanted to explore the digital vision, and have the capability of geeks. See here, I think readers should buy the VMG-PROV already had some little judge.

| Why choose video perspective?

VMG (included in the pre-PROV and MARK two version in development) is an open source, is a find mediated reality (and digital Visual) tools. We believe that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is a reflection of digital vision. Therefore, VMG first VR/AR video fluoroscopy can be compatible in a head at the same time. Wrote an article about the smart glasses before little article also mentioned that the AR time, mixed reality (Mixed Reality) or mediated reality (Mediated Reality), the video perspective is necessary to cross a threshold.

I am often asked, optical perspective programme in the market so much, and everyone was doing optical perspective, why did you have to select the video perspective? I said, I did not choose the video perspective video perspective of chose me.

Before entering the lab I majored in FPGA, and because of this, Steve let me use FPGA to conquer some GPU can’t run on the smart glasses algorithm, results, a senior and I present our findings on the SIGGRAPH exhibition. In the human brain explosion on the show, I chat with seniors in each identified future research directions. After returning to the lab, I mainly make video perspective and related software, and he began to study the optical perspective of things. Video perspective (Video See-Through, or VST) and optical perspective like HoloLens (Optical See-Through or OST), each with advantages and disadvantages. Now, I in AR applications, for example, probably sum up the two main problems. (Academia about the comparison between very thorough, we are interested to read the relevant papers. )

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

Video perspective (Video See-Through, or VST) and optical perspective like HoloLens (Optical See-Through or OST)–

1, on the overlay and display view (VST victory)

Optical see through a special design will be projected onto a translucent digital screen on the display device, so show the occlusion effect (Occlusion) is not perfect. See Magic Leap earlier issued a patent for glasses you know, they spend at least 7 pages of content describing the complexity of their optical path design to reduce the occlusion. Optical see optical design is complex and would like to make a small angle effect there. Try HoloLens people (about 40 degrees) will be able to feel the small is a perspective that I feel.

Also, because of the complex design and processing difficulties, OST of the cost will be very high. However, translucent is translucent, you slow down, it is impossible to solve. In this connection, the VST win OST. View of the collection of pictures through the camera, digitized before it is displayed to the screen, blocking effect can relax at a low cost to be perfect. In this regard, VST can use algorithms to make real-time p, let the reality into your palette.

2, about the real picture delay and distortion (OST victory)

Due to the use of the camera, plus computers need to handle display and digital content, VST delay larger than the OST.

VST hardware like VR, camera and display refresh delay is congenital. On the OST, the real picture is the outside world through optical devices through inherent zero-delay and zero distortion. Video perspective in addition to refresh delay also needs correction because the position of the camera and optics and screen gap caused people like, nature will be delayed. We spend a lot of time, through the optimization of hardware and software to reduce latency. But the delay is never zero, in this connection, the OST out explosive VST. FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

3, on the VAC problem (tie)

Both OST and VST, VAC problems exist. This is what we use to display, depth perception mechanism in my eyes (Vergence) and monocular (Accommodation) when there is a conflict causing dizziness problem.

Interested readers can check out Vergence Accommodation Conflict or “vergence conflict.”

(Lei Feng network Note: VAC, you can view this analysis article the VAC has plagued virtual reality, is really no solution to it? 》)

Magic in the big Leap, this issue was also slowed by light field described a large number of technologies. In their prior to shipment, in this issue, current OST and VST, neck and neck.

| Geeks read on

VMG-PROV as a video perspective exploration tools, performance is limited. I hope the next description for you geeks recognize the risk of purchase PROV.

Delay in the VMG-MARK framework has greatly improved, and finally I will tell you details. Below is a screenshot from our Demo to be released open source project, a digital model can be superimposed on the desktop without preset Marker.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

In the open source Demo, VMG-PROV through binocular cameras capture the real scenes in, after processing by the FPGA on the head, through the USB3. 0 interface on the transmission to the connected PC. Real scenes by software calibration, Visual SLAM algorithm starts operation, digital model will default to the correct location. And then transmitted through the HDMI screen display on the screen at the end. This open source project contains:

1.VMG-PROV hardware detail and schematic diagram

As shown in the following illustration, VMG-PROV hardware parameters have been marked and are listed in the following table. Camera video footage collected through FPGA processing incoming in the connected PC, finally SLAM the superposition eye back in the digital model of the picture. So when used on the AR, VMG-PROV PC complete larger video stimulation, so it is recommended using high desktop distribution.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

As an MR head and VMG-PROV parameters can only reach VR entry level. I think to make a stunning application on the MR, this generation was not enough. That is why I hope we can take this as a learning and exploration tools, and also through your feedback to us more suggestions for improvement. In order to make this possible, we will provide a VMG-PROV diagram.

2. on the FPGA image processing hardware description language

VST is superior to the OST key point is the picture of reality changes, simply put, is through the algorithm, p.

In testing out the software algorithms to FPGA implementations or accelerated reduction of the delay is of great help. In our open source projects, contains a Demo of MR, synthesis and real-time high dynamic range image mapping (Real-Time HDR Composition and Tonal Mapping), exclusively through the logic into the FPGA inside.

The following figure, high-speed conversion exposure in FPGA control Sensor, and synthesizer to select from dark to light the best part of each picture.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

 FPGA is a magical chip is a chip in the transformer. FPGA engineer knows, FPGA not everyone got.

Below we are going to open source projects is given in the FPGA hardware description language in parts. Raw data from the Sensor came in would be completely ISP processing in FPGA, HDR synthesis after the USB3.0 to PC. I believe the project open source Verilog HDL, can attract members had the courage to master to join the chip-level exploration of MR. By FPGA combined with demand on the PC side, further reduce the delay VST.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

3. based on the PTAM binocular SLAM source code

VMG-PROV the SLAM is based on binocular RGB camera, was changed by the famous PTAM. This works above Miku stack the glasses in a video picture. PTAM then, we will knock sensor data fusion, and using different methods (such as ORB-SLAM or LSD-SLAM) to achieve more stable stacking. I don’t SLAM this drawing, including open source content, calibration of binocular camera correction, FAST feature extraction, RANSAC and Bundle Adjustment, and the model of Miku. Need to use Unity3D friends, the project also has to import the SLAM. Also, when we went to see the source code, you can reference PTAM information modified.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

| Ordinary developers wait

At this point, I think we need to do not need to purchase the “geek” has a certain amount of judgment. Since VMG-PROV has not reached the level, you want to do in VMG application needs to wait VMG-MARK (developer version). At the current pace, our research and development teams are VMG-MARK most of the technical problems have been resolved. Our hardware and software architecture is called VMG-MARK VLLV (Very Low Latency Video See-Through), it will delay video perspective problems greatly slowed (slow is not the solution, solution is Zero Latency). Therefore, I hope that a landing application developers the best use the product MARK, rather than a VMG-PROV geek version.

FENDI iPhone 6 Plus Case

The schema below is VMG-MARK, initially was designed to reduce the amount of video throughput calculation of PC demand, high real scenes of lofty frame streaming video directly from the Sensor into the screen, without a computer. Zhihou, slowly evolved into four modes.

Why I chose this video open source perspective MR glasses?

We call this framework VT Architecture, its four operating modes are:

1.Hard mode

Real footage of the video signals processed by FPGA and ASIC, then immediately hit the screen. This path delay minimum, but the most difficult. Write FPGA is not difficult, is courage.

2.Hybrid mode

This path is ideal for developing AR applications.

As shown in the figure, head of FPGA based on needs on the streaming video to connect on the PC, and then, through FPGA digital model of information fusion attitude to the original high-definition picture. In this way, we can greatly reduce the delay of real scenes, but also most of the computing resources that need to save, thus reducing your computer’s configuration requirements.

3.Soft mode

Attentive readers have discovered that this path is the path of VMG-PROV. This path is the most powerful, but extended to the highest. Video streaming through FPGA/ASIC and then into the computer, and finally after the screen is displayed. Soft mode suitable for early verification and experiment, written out by Soft optimization of the project according to the application requirements, and in other modes to achieve. Fendi

4.Light mode

Light patterns are well understood, is the VR head with Visual SLAM. Camera, though not in the front of the imaging, but the time to detect the Translational motion of the head, and test methods within the Lighthouse from the outside are not the same. We continued the development of better SLAM will also open source, I hope you wait a bit longer.

Wrote it, is about it. As a small team, we want to be your dream of geeks. I believe that sharing our many spirits, spirit, heart, ability, and to support our people.  We would like to share their work with such people, this is the most important reason we’re going open source.

Upgrade any sound quality headphones BoomStick sound magician

Upgrade any sound quality headphones BoomStick sound magician

Listen to music, we’d like to hear the highest quality sound, we might have “money” to buy a good pair of headphones. However, to pick out a good quality, and overall fashion headphones is the need to take the time and effort. Now a company called BoomCloud 360 startup has developed a name for “BoomStick” product, which sells for $ 99 (about 645) device can be connected with any headphones, and the company developed algorithm to improve headset sound quality.

Upgrade any sound quality headphones BoomStick sound magician

“We are now trying to solve the sound problem. If you open the CD in the car listening to the song, relying on 4 or 8 speakers, will bring you stunning sound effects. However, if you are on the phone to listen to Spotify songs, the experience would have been much worse. “Founder of BoomCloud 360 qiaozhi·apulin (George Appling) said he thinks many people choose headset is focused on comfort, rather than sound quality.

BoomStick using up also very convenient, it is a size smaller, and weight more light of round angle cuboid equipment, built-in a can charging battery (once full electric can using 14 hours), user just to will headphones plug in BoomStick Shang, another a plug in phone, and flat or computer Shang, again by about BoomStick Middle round button, on can listening to music, video and network broadcast.

In fact, BoomStick is a bit like CD player, “bass boost” buttons, or a cheap portable DACs, sound not only can be magnified, and you hear the sound even more “meticulous”. Aplin said, the CTO of the company ailun·kelaimo (Alan Kraemer) prepared by the algorithm, who previously worked at SRS Labs for several years at a time, and SRS Labs has developed a very similar product a few years ago. Hello Kitty iPad

Aplin said Kramer and he developed algorithms to enhance engineers from different sources and the audio quality of any phone.

Hello Kitty iPad mini

The sound quality is actually a very subjective judgement of an audio equipment standards, and BoomStick. rely on algorithms to optimize the sound quality of different headphones.

BoomStick highlights the fact that it appears to make a piece of music of different musical instruments became more likely to be heard by the user. The device another “sell” is its “flexibility”, because it is not limited to any type of headphones and audio source.

In order to enable consumers to buy before the device experience, the company has reached an agreement with a major mobile telecom operators to cooperate, plan to show in which store BoomStick. In addition, users can also go to the company’s official online virtual experience BoomStick sound enhancement. Users can be given a few song choose a song, listen to and open a virtual version of the BoomStick off BoomStick listening to the same song, and compare the disparity between the two.

Despite the BoomStick is the company’s first product, but the company on this product has a lot of ambition, Aplin said: “headphones, speakers, car, live band, television, home computers, elevators, these can depend upon our algorithms make a better sound. ”

Source: Tencent digital Hello Kitty iPad mini

Baidu updated AI strategy with AR cut UAV project

Baidu updated AI strategy with AR cut UAV project

Baidu updated AI strategy: with AR, cut UAV project

According to media reports, the recent deep learning of Baidu Baidu in Artificial Intelligence Lab Director Lin Yuanqing also outlined the main research directions: deep learning platform, basic image recognition technology, fine-grained image recognition, video analysis, image recognition, AR technology and hospitals.

Basic image recognition technology in Baidu’s OCR (optical character recognition) technology greatly improved, including mobile phone identification accuracy rate of more than 99%. In addition, Baidu would next month, thin-grained image recognition feature applied in glutinous rice: when user dish picture, near Baidu algorithm to recommend to users within 5 km and the restaurant.

Although Baidu wide deep learning laboratory in artificial intelligence direction, but there are some vulnerable project, which cut off the outside world look on the drone program. Lin Yuanqing believes that market potential for unmanned, but Baidu’s perplexity is how they compete with large boundary.

UAV positioning and it is closely related to the use of cut scenes, middle of last year, Baidu Union billion airlines launched drone takeout service users in support of unmanned delivery takeout store orders, delivery staff in the App, enter the destination of the flight, unmanned aerial vehicles will send out into the hands of users. Drone takeout from the test up to now has been a year of service time, outsiders said, judging from the present conditions, the services belong to false needs, and costs are too high and too many factors beyond their control, and so on. Baidu also imagine using unmanned aircraft mapping remote areas map, but after analysis found that the market value is not significant.

Baidu updated AI strategy: with AR, cut UAV project

AR technology is Baidu’s plays. When it comes to AR, Lin Yuanqing replied, “it’s definitely can make money.” Currently this market and there were no large industry leader in Xinjiang, leaving the Baidu space is very big. Earlier this month, Baidu DuSee,DuSee released a mobile AR platform computer vision and depth of what is learning to understand real-time image, the platform can be via a Smartphone hardware to “understand” real-world 3D environment, which causes the phone to generate images with real-world interactions. It is reported that DuSee can be used in interactive advertising, marketing, education, manufacturing, areas such as interior design, future they AR and speech recognition, and natural language processing technology combining. Vera Bradley iPhone 5S case

Vera Bradley iPhone 5S case

Baidu updated AI strategy: with AR, cut UAV project

Actions ranging from Baidu, whose force adhere to three principles in the field of artificial intelligence: AI technology used in existing products; cut off the market value of the project; avoid the competitive landscape has been set. Vera Bradley tech case

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“DuSee is a natural extension of AI”, Baidu launched the AR platform DuSee

Interview with Baidu Wu Enda: what deep learning can bring to a company value

Waterproof Monster Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Waterproof Monster Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Internationally renowned GPS Sport Watches Garmin has released a water resistant sports watch Quatix 3, the watch is water resistant to achieve exaggerated 10ATM, 100 meters deep underwater can be used normally.

Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Quatix 3 the sapphire glass, equipped with a 1.2-inch color screen, resolution 218×218, in strong light can also have a nice display and visibility.

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Table of the watch body material is made of high-strength glass fiber, 85g, able to withstand high impact, without worrying about damage to watch in a sport, body measurements for 51.5×51.5×16.0mm. This watch is the built-in GPS and Russia navigation system GLONASS positioning chip, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, barometer and electronic compass. Givenchy iPhone 5 Case

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

In addition to superior waterproof ability and accurate GPS positioning, but the watch battery is also outstanding, battery life up to 6 weeks in watch mode, even if the GPS mode for 20 hours. Currently the watch for $ 599.99, equivalent to approximately 3980 Yuan.

Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released


Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released
Waterproof Monster! Garmin sports watch Quatix 3 released

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~ Givenchy iPhone cover

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds

Lei feng’s network by: this article is reprinted from micro-official information release platform “app”. Original title: the micro or small video of those little secrets. Why micro-video maximum time is 6 seconds? Small video consumes how much traffic? Small video is so small, can you clear?

“Black is not black, what do you say white is white. ”

You must have experienced and saw a beautiful or interesting scenes and wanted to record and share, but found nothing. Even if it is to have dinner with friends, often have such a dialogue:

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

You in there? What did you see? To give an accurate description of a thing is not an easy thing.

Words video, in order to solve the problem of sharing in real time, the app version 6.0 was launched in “little video” features: users can directly from within the app to enable camera, shooting up to 6 seconds of video dialog box to send video to friends, or post in my circle of friends.

App version 6.0 will be small as core video highlights one of the proclaimed coming of the video age. Until now, a lot of users have become accustomed to with a small video sharing life’s fresh and moving. No more silly typing, no longer considered expression, short videos to help you achieve “what you see is what you get”.

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

But, you know, Juicy Couture iPhone case

| Why is the longest video only 6 seconds?

In many cases, users often in outdoor use app, unstable network, traffic was restricted, not very suitable for users to post or view a larger volume of video files. Video length limits (no more than 6 seconds), and optimization, which became smaller in size, only better in mobile publishing and viewing.

Small video processing for 6 seconds, mainly in order to reduce receiver volume pressure and psychological pressure during playback. In fact, before the official release in small video, micro-letter “attacking lion” for as long as six months of testing, 6 seconds is the most appropriate length.

To do the test, the developer also wrote the “kitchen” debugging tool, as a global variable configuration of the switch module instead of a numerical, configuration take effect immediately to facilitate debugging. It is like a PS tools help developers find the optimal path. Length 6 seconds it is in the support of finding the most suitable length. Juicy iPhone 6 case

| Are small video, then how small the small video of traffic consumption?

There is a very simple conversion: small video chat, the size of each video is approximately equal to 2 friends picture size, each circle of friends small video is approximately equal to 3 friends the picture size.

And longer videos than 6 seconds the small amount of video data in the iOS system for 400KB, the Android system is 200-300KB, which means, three small video traffic is about 1MB.

Furthermore, small video loading logic is seen no longer loads, didn’t read the do not load, is loaded, take the initiative to help the user save traffic.

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

Text is too stuffy, picture is too quiet, small video just fine.

So, whether it is a small video or watch short videos do not have pressure. By today’s standard for traffic costs, such as China Mobile’s 500MB plan 30, only three small video 1MB, or about 0.06 Yuan.

Not sure, just shoot a little video. If a small video that is not clear, it would take two. If the two small videos also don’t know, those three small video can.

| Problems coming, small video so small, can still see it? 

This is speaking of bit rate and resolution of these two Visual “clarity” is closely related to the parameters.

Rate determines the quality of the video, the original higher bit-rate video more clear, and the resolution determine the video image magnification. Bit rate to the following principles:

Is proportional to a, bit rate and video quality, but the file is proportional to the volume and rate.

B, the rate exceeds a certain value, without much impact on image quality.

Compare with long videos, video coding algorithm for video there is no major difference. But because in less than 6 seconds, the volume is greatly reduced, and mainly play on the mobile side, micro video finds a balance between quality and size, allowing users to use without any pressure.

In fact, small easy to use video, interactive experience, not just traffic consumes small, open without pressure. In order to receive better interactive experience, during the filming of recording and playback, the “video” there are lots of little secrets you don’t know, such as:

Preboot-the press on the record. Small video press the start recording, do not wait for the audio device and document preparation. So that you can guarantee in the transient moment to capture the content you want to capture. Imagine the clock for each photo, you know how important this small feature.

Shake monitor–you shake the reminders. In order to ensure the effects of shooting, according to the change of acceleration gyroscope, the system will automatically detect the phone shaking and remind.

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

Environmental monitoring-dark-too dark to choose brighter: too dark when shooting environment, small video prompts you can use “light mode” to optimize the shooting environment. So intelligence is how to achieve this? In fact, the RGB color value of each pixel in the video are not the same, for fast processing and response by scaling it, getting an average, when the RGB average value below a certain value, such as less than 17 o’clock, pop-up prompts to quickly distinguish between light from the environment.

Juicy iPhone 6 case

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

Mute–click to enlarge sound plays. Only click to enlarge small video with sound when playing and looping effects close to GIF. When and when not full screen, record a small video to keep quiet playing.

In iOS release optimization process, more technologies team to design micro-programmes, chose to bypass the iOS system players at the same time there is a maximum of 16 limited homegrown video player, to meet the needs can play multiple videos simultaneously. And in order to prevent playback interface stuck when shooting situations, join the Cache layer in the video recording, cached video frames, follow-up to waken the CPU is idle thread writes in the background video.

These painstakingly “action” without attention and let you know what focus, zoom, exposure compensation, white balance … … Wait, you just need to pick up the phone.

In the “video” before the app that you can send videos, short video or some other platform. However, you need to temporarily stop something else, according to the recording, press stop, then confirm sending. Complicated steps, video is also great. People who receive video, viewed only as Wi-Fi.

Micro letter 6.0 brought in Harry Potter “newspaper magic” video, both programmes are, or in the food, or many other emotional moment in your life, you can use a small video, share it vividly.

It embedded directly into the chat scenes, pass without making up, landscaping, bad information, “press and hold” the minimalist way to get you involved, to better facilitate interaction. It’s like eyes, bring you a taste of the changing of the seasons.

Micro video why is the longest 6 seconds?

Hey, a familiar feeling.

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Central Bank issued barcode payment specification draft for the first time recognize

Central Bank issued barcode payment specification draft for the first time recognize

Central Bank issued barcode payment specification draft for the first time recognize the QR payment status

In 2014, the Central Bank had halted QR payment. However, the regulation is changed to the development of science and technology-March 13, 2014, the Central Bank issued emergency documents stop QR face-to-face payment services such as pay, on the grounds that under the line QR payment there is a certain risk of payment. Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

In fact, in a two-dimensional code: pay was stopped by the end of the year, after technical improvement, have been banks and third-party payment institutions start layout QR payment.

It is reported that the Association of payment and clearing to the paying agent the other day issued the bar code for payment services (draft for soliciting opinions), the draft makes it clear that payment institutions to conduct bar business should follow safety standards. This is in 2014, the Bank stopped QR code after payment for the first time officially recognize the QR payment status.

Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

Asking for opinions first general article says:

Barcode payment services referred to in this specification refers to the Member of bar-code technology, to provide customers, mobile phones and other mobile terminal payment of monetary funds transferred between people.

Scan code and receipt scan barcode payment services including payment code. Scan code means of payment payment by mobile terminal reads the recipients to show bar-complete pay action. Collection sweeps by reading the code refers to the payee payor barcode for mobile terminal display to complete the Act.

In addition, the draft provides that “Member barcode payment services shall obtain the corresponding business qualification and regulatory-related business management practices operating specifications, strengthen risk precaution to ensure payment security”, as well as other marketing obligations.

MOM and whether authorities had put a stop is in order to protect the interests or safety (most are both), insiders said, as the technology under development is an irreversible trend, as long as the technology improved, sooner or later the laws and regulations according to market changes.

Earlier, the Central Bank has indicated to the payment associations, the Union sent a letter to confirm QR payment status. Bank requesting payment clearing Association on the basis of previous work, as required, in conjunction with the Agency for bank card settlements, major commercial banks and payment institutions introduced barcode payment industry technical standards and business practices, and the protection of personal information, security, encryption measures, store sensitive information, such as put forward clear requirements. Jack Spade iPhone 5 Case

Communications, line barcode payment has the advantages of low barriers to entry, convenient, applies to the traditional POS cash register daily small purchases of cost-sensitive small traders, located in the traditional offline bank card payment supplement. It is reported that the

On July 15, the Bank officially launched the QR payment products in Beijing, became the first commercial bank to have QR payment products. This means was stopped more than two years the QR payment floodgates.

In early July, some media reported the Central Bank has issued a document to confirm QR payment market, located in the traditional offline bank card payment business supplement and China Association of payment and clearing also convened conferences to promote QR code technology standards and safety standards.

The bar code for payment (draft for soliciting opinions) full text

Amazon for five consecutive quarters of profitable cloud computing business eye

Amazon for five consecutive quarters of profitable cloud computing business eye

Amazon for five consecutive quarters of profitable cloud computing business eye

United States Eastern time on July 28, Amazon reported its second-quarter earnings, reported Amazon’s net profit of us $ 857 million, sharply better-than-expected $ 540 million, the fifth consecutive quarter of profit, and refresh the record profits for the third quarter in a row. Previously because the company had been used to sacrifice profits to pursue growth strategies, income to put into product and infrastructure development, but the situation has changed, and Amazon are dual-income profits and growth.

The company’s adjusted earnings per share of $ 1.78, before the more than Wall Street expectations of $ 1.11, $ 0.19 in the same period last year; operating income of $ 30.4 billion, an increase of 31%, better-than-expected us $ 29.55 billion; operating income of $ 1.3 billion, is expected to be $ 903 million, $ 464 million for the same period last year.

Cloud computing shines in business performance. –AWS Amazon Web services Amazon leading cloud service, able to provide computing power, databases, storage, content delivery, and other features, to help companies achieve business expansion and growth. The fiscal second-quarter revenue of $ 2.89 billion, up 58% from $ 1.82 billion a year ago, is gradually CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) set up cloud computing sales goal of $ 10 billion. TESLA iPhone 6 Leather Case

Amazon on its delivery service has been increased investment, the shipping costs increase in recent quarters. Last quarter of increases in shipping costs 37%, 42% per cent in the first quarter of this year, is 44% in the second quarter. For some city of some of its products, Amazon offers 1 hour express delivery service, in addition to Amazon in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and Canada and other countries test their unmanned aerial vehicle delivery service, small unmanned aerial vehicles be 5 pounds of wrapped up in 30 minutes or less of time served to customers.

In the middle of this month, Amazon has discounted part of Prime Shopping Day, global order, rather than 2015 years 60%, one-day sales of $ 525 million.

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For the third quarter, Amazon expects net sales of between 310~335 billion dollars. Wall Street analysts ‘ expectations of $ 31.63 billion.

After earnings releases on Thursday, shares of Amazon, or 2.3%, to $ 769, shares hit a record high. TESLA iPhone 6 Leather Case

Amazon for five consecutive quarters of profitable cloud computing business eye

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